Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Namib Desert

a unique rarety

Discover a new taste experience with extra virgin olive oil from Namibia - produced in Swakopmund and now available in very limited quantities here in Switzerland. Profit from further rebate if you order a bulk of 5 litres, or give it a taste with a 500ml bottle.

Olive oil is currently produced in 47 countries. These include not only the well-known producing countries in Europe, but also destinations that are less known for olive oil, such as Namibia.

The country in southern Africa has only a very small olive oil production, but due to the desert climate it produces a unique, excellent olive oil.

After waiting for 3 years for a new harvest, we are very proud to finally have the Namibian olive oil in our shelves again. This excellent olive oil was produced in September 2021 - with an annual production of just 6,000 litres, it is an absolute rarity and speciality.

Our olive oil comes from Ruheleben Estate in Swakopmund, a town situated on the Namibian coast (west coast of Africa). The olives are harvested, pressed and packages, which means that a large part of the value chain is created and remains in Namibia.
Vintage: 2021

Cultivars:  Mission, Leccino, Frantoio, L177, Coratina

Shelf life: 2 years

Colour: Golden, with light green tones

Taste: Mild, full-bodied, pleasantly warm fruity notes with a gentle spiciness in the finish.

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