The Grocery Store with Real Treasures

for Gourmets, Food Enthusiasts and Explorers

Zur alten Weinhandlung Hofer - the name reminds of the over 150-year-old history of our business premises in Trubschachen. However, we have long since ceased to be a pure wine shop and are now a speciality shop with countless specialities for the gourmet, food enthusiast and just everybody wishing to explore good new tastes, flavours and food treasures - both drinks and food are waiting for you to be discovered.

Opening Hours 





We're closed on Mondays and Sundays


We have space on the outside in our garden only, which is why our bistro is open with good weather only, and for the same time as the store. If you're unsure, give us a call! We will be glad to tell you if we're open. 

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