Our Values

Zur alten Weinhandlung, short "ZAW", is a family business that specialises in the trade in regional, national and international specialities. There are many speciality shops, but ZAW differs fundamentally from other suppliers in its range and philosophy. Below, you will find a brief and transparent summary of what ZAW stands for - and what it does not stand for.

"Speciality" comes from the Latin "specialitas", which is nothing other than the emphasis on a special quality or ability. A deviation from what is commonly called "normal". But at what point one can speak of a speciality is a question of value.

We at ZAW do not make this evaluation easily, because the word "speciality" raises expectations that have to be fulfilled - and just because a product differs slightly from the mass product or perhaps looks a little different does not automatically make it a speciality - at least not for us. When selecting our stocks, we therefore apply strict basic principles, which we present to you below.

Speciality is our philosophy - our basic values are inseparably linked to what we have on our shelves.


Above all other criteria, the quality of the goods is our top priority. We do not tolerate any compromises. Only if a product is of excellent quality does it have a chance of becoming part of our range.


ZAW's products are fundamentally natural goods. We are convinced that even in today's world it is possible to offer excellent products  without the need for countless chemical treatments or additives . This attitude may perhaps (but does not necessarily) lead to compromises in terms of maximum shelf life and constant availability, but we accept these limitations.

Incidentally, naturalness is a principle for us, not a seal. For us, a product is no less natural if it does not have an "organic" certificate, because even foodstuffs without such certification can match in terms of naturalness. What matters is the method of production, not the (sometimes very expensive and time-consuming) certification. Or, to put it another way: Our suppliers, whether certified organic or not, pay attention to naturalness because they are convinced of the added value of this attitude, and not because they might be
able to charge higher prices.


With our products, we support the sustainability efforts of our suppliers. We enjoy considering ambitious and innovative manufacturers and thus supporting them in their development, to show appreciation for their ideas. It goes without saying that this endeavour also has a social component, but we do not advertise it in an aggressive way. 


For us, the speciality is characterised by the fact that it cannot be replaced at will. We obtain a large part of our products directly from a manufacturer who works with his own recipe and ingredients. Or, to put it another way: The product in question is only available from this one manufacturer in exactly the same way, and if that manufacturer runs out of stock, it can happen at ZAW that a product is temporarily sold out.

This is all the more true as we regularly consider suppliers who produce absolute rarities or only small quantities due to their size.

Content Matters

We do not attach great importance to the packaging. It has to be hygienic and clean, and it has to make a good impression, but for us it's the content that finally counts. That's why we attach importance to the fact that the goods are not not be made excessively expensive or otherwise "prettified" by elaborate packaging. That reduces waste and prevents from illusions.


There is a story behind many goods. Sometimes it is even this story that makes a product a speciality. We love the story behind a product and have only discovered a large part of our of our offerings thanks to such stories. But stories only survive if they are told - and that's what we like to do.

If you are are interested, don't hesitate to ask us about the background of a product; where it comes from,
who makes it, how it got into our shelves, and so on. If you know the history of a product, you will experience a completely different taste sensation.

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